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Wednesday, 21-Jan-2009 15:08 Email | Share | | Bookmark
date picked..!

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hye there..
dh lama sbnrnye nk jot down smthg..tp mcm2 hal..smp x dpt nk memblog..
so now, im in the mood to write..maybe because something unhappy happen to me rite now..huu~
hmm..there were few times ive been asking 'him' to write me something..of course as he said..he used to write me messages, wishes on cards and so on..but then its not the writing i asked for..i just want a simple writing of his own..maybe his thesis or something..anything..but ended up..we had a fight because of this..
i hope i can read his blog..if he has any..~sigh~
today we had a fight again..i know..its because of me..but its not entirely because of me..after almost 2 years of relationship..i did accept him as who he is..me also..did my best to be the best for him..but sometimes we cant help making each other unhappy..huhu..agaknye betulla org kata..darah manis..hehe..
ok..i dont have to be that sad..i know tomorrow everything will be just fine..or sometimes much2 better..thats what i love most for being with him..besides, it wont be long till we are together..insyaAllah..they have discussed about us getting married, and of cos, engaged..so the date....

engagement => 15.03.09
nikah => 29.05.2009
my kenduri => 30.05.09
his kenduri => 31.05.09

here we go..those should be the most memorable dates of our lives..not only me (becos girl always remember dates)..it shud be for him too, rite?
its only 127 days left until we get married..but the preparation, 30% kot..(why is there so many numbers this time, huh?)
oh its ok..everything will be just fine..i also got a job already..huhhhu..can that help..?
i guess...

here are some pic of my trip to sabah with my parent and my dear little niece, umairah visiting my sis, nina..and as well piccas from my stay at fadell's during her sistas wedding..yippie!!!

Tuesday, 6-Jan-2009 14:56 Email | Share | | Bookmark
A fresh start..

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hmm..I dont really blog..in fact, i dont like to share things with others..'things'..which means anything exists in this world..
but anyway..today I started this blog..maybe its because I love to show what I see, feel and hope to others..
egal..it is to anyone who interested to view what can I visualize here in my fotopages..

So people, welcome to my page and have a happy viewing..

and to aydorable..happy birthday..!


ps: these pictures was taken in Aug 2008.


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